How to interpret the results of the 100 Point Cyber Check TM

There are two types of scores calculated by the 100 Point Cyber Check TM - a global score (out of 100) and four sub-scale scores (each out of 25). The four sub-scales are: Operational Controls, Technical Controls (Systems), Technical Controls (Networks, Applications, Services and the Cloud), and Regulatory/Legal.

For every question that you answer "Yes", your score will be incremented by 1 point. A perfect global score is 100. It is unlikely (although not impossible) for any user to achieve 100, since not all questions will apply to every user.

It is quite likely that you will have different scores on each of the sub-scales, as many organisations tend to focus on one or two areas at the expense of the others. As you work towards cyber maturity, your corrective actions (as advised by a cybersecurity expert) should see your scores increase.

As a general guide, we provide the following descriptors for global scores:

  • 80-100: Excellent
  • 60-80: Good
  • 40-60: Needs Significant Work
  • 20-40: Seriously Deficient
  • 0-20: Catastrophic

In order to understand your cyber risk more fully, and the corrective actions that may be appropriate for your risk profile. We can provide referrals to appropriate organisations that can assist.