About Us


Our Approach

Our vision is to stop cybercriminals making money from ordinary people – your customers. We want to help every company begin the journey of managing cyber risk, and taking responsibility for actively combating cyber threats. We understand that cybersecurity is very complicated and not that interesting to most people – that’s why we’ve designed the 100 Point Cyber Check TM to be easy to use, providing you (and your board) with a level of assurance that you have taken all “reasonable steps” to protect your customers’ data. The 100 Point Cyber Check TM is owned and operated by Cyberstronomy Pty Ltd.

Our Story

Our business grew from our frustration in seeing businesses making the same mistakes over and over. We would get angry every time we would see a headline about “yet another” data breach, or the billions of dollars that cybercriminals siphon off our economy every year. We decided to fight back, and offer our distilled knowledge to you at low cost. The questions used in the 100 Point Cyber Check TM are based on research undertaken at Melbourne’s La Trobe University.

Meet the Team

Paul A. Watters PhD

Founder & CEO, Cyberstronomy Pty Ltd

Paul A. Watters managed his first cybersecurity incident in 1993. He worked for many years as a system administrator and consultant, publishing a number of top-selling cybersecurity books and research papers. Dr Watters is a Senior Member of the IEEE, a Fellow of the British Computer Society, a Chartered IT Professional, a Member of the Australian Psychological Society, a Member of the Australian Information Security Association, and a Member of ISACA, the Information Systems Audit and Control Association. He is Professor of Cybersecurity at La Trobe University.